Dinosaurs didn’t exist and other excuses to argue

Christians will make a lot of excuses as to why people don’t really like church. In case you hadn’t noticed a lot of people don’t really like church…

If you have pondering this issue then here are some reasons why:

Yes there are many things that are right and wrong but I am afraid arguing about whether dinosaurs existed or not is not going to give you a back stage pass to the throne room or to the marriage feast of the lamb for that matter. Dinosaurs did exist by the way (there are some pretty big fossils to prove it) I am not going to argue with you on this one though. You can find out for yourself. 😉

The rest of the world is waiting for the church to bring truth and I am sure most of them will be pretty happy that you can have a pet dinosaur in heaven although the truth I am talking about is Jesus and showing Jesus by living heaven culture on earth.

The world doesn’t like church very much because well let’s face it Christians don’t really seem to get along very well. I mean you’d think that if you were going to argue you’d pick something a little more substantial than the following:

  1. Arguing over what is the most suitable length for the pastor’s beard or anyone’s beard in that church.
  2. Whether women should be allowed beards in church (I’m just joking on this one at least I hope so.).
  3. Fighting over which picture of Jesus to put in the foyer (I think by this point we may really have missed the point.).
  4. Whether the Lord’s Supper had cranberry/grape juice or buck fast Abbey wine (Of course it should be grape juice. It’s right there in Hezekiah 4:11.).
  5. An argument over whether to have gluten-free communion bread or not (No more gluteny!).
  6. Should the church should allow people to wear black t-shirts, since black is the color of the devil (Are you sure he’s not red? That’s what I’ve heard.).
  7. A fight over whether or not to sing “Happy Birthday” each week (I have been in this church and I must say it is amusing when more than one person has a birthday in the same week.).

This doesn’t even cover other stuff like whether the 7 days of creation were literal or not or which year the rapture will happen and whether Jesus was born in December or September.

Anyway jokes aside I think it’s important to get back to basics, to get back to our first love, to get back into that throne room and sit on father God’s knee to listen to His truths, to dance with Jesus and to sing with the Holy Spirit. We need to realise that He is coming for a bride without blemish and that means a bride that is whole.

I believe that yes there will always be people who use the title ‘christian’ but I am going to use Kat Kerr’s word ‘heavenian’ (I’ll be discussing this in my next post) to describe the kind of people a church should be filled with.

Instead of arguing with people who will never see eye to eye with you find people that do. Leave the rest to God. If something isn’t right he will show them or He might show you.  I am not talking about big issues but rather silly little things that don’t define your faith or relationship with God, little things that can be ignored or looked over.

Yes there has been and will be a significant shift and split in the church in the next few years and this will strengthen those who are already on the same wavelength until the Holy Spirit gives a stronger bond like never before.

The darkness is getting darker but we must not be afraid because the light will become lighter until there is an explosion that no man and no demon can put out. This will be the church, walking in Truth (first and foremost), in unity, in love and in joy.

There are two words I want to share with you in Hebrew

1) “FIRGUN” (פירגון)

It means to have a generous, unselfish spirit and a joy in the accomplishment of someone else. It means to make someone feel good without having an alternative motive.

This is the way that Heavenians must be and act with one another. There is also another word.

2) ‘NESHAMA’ (נשמה)

It has a similar meaning to “sweetie” but it means “soul.” People say “neshama sheli” which means “my soul.” It means you are so important that you are part of my soul.

I know that if we can apply these words to the way we treat one another one day it will be again as it was in the early church.

“All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of their possessions was their own, but they shared everything they had” Acts 4:32

Be encouraged, think differently and live fully and the world will want to share in this Heaven culture.

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